• Undergraduate Degrees
    Undergraduate Degrees

      The Undergraduate Programme is designed for those who want to take their knowledge and experience of business principles and practice to a higher…

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  • Masters Degrees (MBA,…
    Masters Degrees (MBA, MSc, MA)

    The Master programme (MBA, MSc, MA) provides a rigorous process of personal and managerial development, in which participants are encouraged and expected…

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  • Corporate Short Courses
    Corporate Short Courses

    The only constant in life is change.  Modern life is continually changing.  Economic, technological, social and environmental factors compel…

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  • Strategic Personal…
    Strategic Personal Development

    The majority of customers make a judgement about your business within the first two minutes of contact. You are judged by what customers see - the image…

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RisXcel (UK) Ltd is a Corporate Management Training & Development Organisation committed to supporting organisations and their people for continuous change in achieving their pre-defined objectives. We have a team with literally over 100 years of blended consummate skills and experience gained across Europe, Asia, The Middle East and Africa. Our facilitators bring these practical experiences into the training environment. Our vision is to inspire, to develop, to facilitate change and transform you in the workplace. At RisXcel, we aim to provide…

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  • Develop organisation and its people at any time and locations across the globe and times convenient to them;
  • Provide a lifestyle that enables the participants to learn and earn without any geographical, time and cost constrains;
  • Help participants explore career options, develop academic and workplace skills to compete with global demands.
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RisXceL UK  is delighted to announce that it… Read More »
RisXceL UK  is delighted to announce that it… Read More »
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